Our Collections

Our purpose driven product collections

Our products fall into 3 different categories of focus (called collections):

BRANDS. "Sustainable Brand Lines." Building out mission oriented brands for established organizations. In our experiences working in startup initiatives and non-profits, there is most often a passionately poor execution of branding; an essential piece of mission impact and messaging in any organization. Our brand lines focus on building out a legit and desirable brand solution with a profit share cost model. We invest in launching the brand and seek a small piece of the success in return. You might also see successful Chapter partners that migrate to brand lines.

CHAPTERS. "Goal Driven Fundraising Stories." Goal oriented fundraising collections where we act as a Fiscal Sponsor to launch or empower a partner initiative. Just as one might sponsor an individual, our Chapters program takes a creative stance to launch an impactful entrepreneurial initiative through the development of quality merchandise, messaging and experience.

ELEMENTS. "Scripture Inspired Stories." A deep dive into the context behind the product and artwork that includes: inspirational resources (resource pairing), specific scripture, life story and profit share partner- who receives a net percentage all sales per Elements story.

Note on Pricing: You will mostly see inclusive, flat-rate prices: what you see is what you get! Meaning one simple price that covers all expenses, taxes, processing, donations & standard shipping for this product. We put a ton of time, effort and collaboration into our products. Our prices reflect that. Our community earns that- and we don't discount that. What you can find here is purpose driven design that we hope you enjoy repping as much as we do!