Romans 12:2

Aug 13, 2019

What will people say about you when you're gone? Would you be just another eulogy… Or would they say that you were DFRNT?

> Read Romans 12:2

The bible is packed full of people who didn’t “fit in” to worldly expectations (Daniel, Ruth, Samson, John the baptist Paul). And yet most of these people went on to do amazing things!

Is our life just a collection of decisions, influenced by people we follow or look up to? That sure is what this world tells us and it’s so easy to fall into that trap!
What are you doing in your life that makes you DFRNT?

Asking this question in the financial context is what really gets me-- It makes me question the “everyone else;” the people who I follow or look up too…

"Am I living out my life (financially) like everyone else?"
"Am I living out my life (at work) like everyone else?"
"Am I living out my life (publically) like everyone else?"

We were not merely created for imitation nor just to “fit in!” How insulting that must be to a God who has purposefully and perfectly designed you apart from anyone else in this world.

Check out the part of the pairing video where Pastor Bryan Loritts talks about “Strange” relationships (14:15-16:45).

This paints a beautiful picture of just how DFRNT God’s plan might look for us. So as you go about the rest of your day and you think about what people will say about you, the footprint you left behind… Will they say you just fit in?
How is God calling you to be DFRNT?

DFRNT. A Limited Collection by Broekn Design.
Influenced by the Google color palette, a company renowned for being “set apart”. There is an emphasis on the letter “F” that is facing the wrong direction. Mixing together the idea of what we might see as backwards or incorrect might actually be God working in mysterious ways.


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