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Sponsored By Grace

We are excited to partner together, two local non-profit working together to spread our mission through purposeful products. We understand that merchandise is an essential piece of mission impact and messaging, so we have joined in this collective mission to wear something worth sharing. With your generosity, you’re buying into a STORY that is being told and a legacy that is being engraved. All of our products have inclusive, flat-rate pricing: one simple price that covers all expenses, taxes, processing, donations & standard shipping!

Collection Products

Are you tired of the bogus promotions, mass marketing and short-cut sales tactics?

We are.

So you won't find any of that here. We don't want to blast out ads across every single device, every hour of the day- just because that's what everyone else does. Where is the integrity there?

We won't pump a ton of money into ruthless marketing tactics to drive our sales higher and prices lower. Price promotions kill brands and create bad behaviors for buyers in the long run. That creates a volatile market for small business and non-profit sectors; where these companies should thrive on mission value. We aim to build recession-proof pricing that positions our mission values ahead of price propositions. Those principles apply for our partners and us- in the form of good design and subtle marketing tactics; acknowledging constraints as a great thing!

Good design takes time and an educated audience. We are working hard to create a passionate community of creators and partners that want to do things differently. Our passion lies in creating opportunity behind purpose driven products. That's what you are buying into here.

We put a ton of time, effort and collaboration into our products. Our prices reflect that. Our community earns that- and we don't discount that! What you can find here is purpose driven design that we hope you enjoy repping as much as we do! Is that worth buying into?

Profit Share Partner

Fueling our collective mission. One product at a time.

Profit Share: 90%
Our Profit Share Partners earn this net percentage of all product sales.

Limited Collection Donations